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Bookmark This: PEN's Favorite Love Poems

For this special Valentine's Day edition of Bookmark This, the PEN staff have shared their favorite love poems. Enjoy:

Grant Hutchins, Program Coordinator, recommends:

You, You, You, or Me, Me, Me

MC Escher

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about you. Not literally you (though, depending on who you are, who knows), but the pronoun you, as employed in that rare gem of a POV, the second person. So far, only one story in my collection is told in the second person. This week, so that story didn’t feel so lonely, I tried switching a newer piece from first to second.

Writers' Reel: The Myth of Romantic Love

How do you feel about Valentine's Day? Here's essayist Alain de Botton on the "myth" of romantic love:

Making It Matter

Artist: Brett Amory

In The Mark workshop last week, we discussed the relationship between scene and summary. A novel, Antoine told us, should strike the perfect balance of the two—showing and telling—as determined by the voice and world of the book.

Everything I Need to Know I (Re)Learned in Kindergarten

Last week I went to my son’s midyear parent-teacher conference. I was prepared to take notes and discuss his work. What I didn’t anticipate was a mini-writing workshop–– a refreshing twist to the usual discussion. To teach writing to the children, my son’s school utilizes a method Lucy Calkins developed. She is the Founding Director of the Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University’s Teachers College.

Bookmark This: Making Shapely Fiction

Antoine Wilson assigned Making Shapely Fiction by Jerome Stern to our current Mark participants. You've seen Eric, Natali, and Marissa refer to the book in their blog posts; today, we thought we'd share a preview of the text.

Writing About Blogging About Writing...

I’m nervous. Not about my writing––the collection’s coming along. What I’m nervous about is this blog. But I'll get to that in a moment.

Writers' Reel: George Saunders on The Colbert Report

George Saunders, author of the newly published short story collection Tenth of December, appeared on The Colbert Report a few weeks ago. In the following interview Saunders, a MacArthur "Genius" Fellow, defends the value of the short story form using a series of different analogies. Colbert responds accordingly.

Honest Space: An Interview With Lucy Corin

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At this point in The Mark program, I thought it would be helpful to reach out to Lucy Corin, my teacher from my masters program at UC Davis. I often look to writers I admire for guidance, and I’m excited to share some of Lucy’s inspiring thoughts with you here, on The Mark blog.